How to install your Wrangler Soft Top

June 19th, 2019 by

Summer it is here and it is time to put your Soft Top on your Jeep Wrangler!

If this is your first Summer season Brown’s Automotive is here to help you install your Soft Top. Check out our How-To Video, if you have any questions our service department is here to help.

Make a service appointment today for us to install the Soft Top for you!

How to remove Hard Top
Step 1: Remove the T-Tops
Step 2: Remove the 8 screws. 6 screws are in the back and the other 2 are on top of the roof
Step 3: Store screws in the compartment in the back
Step 4: Unplug wires from the Hard Top and store
Step 5: Grab a friend and lift off the Hard Top

How install Soft Top
Step 1: Remove plastic strip on the back frame and mount bracket
Step 2: Mount brackets on the back for the back window
Step 3: Unpack Soft Top from package and place it on the back of Wrangler
Step 4: Attach Soft Top to the bracket that was installed on the back frame. Do this by inserting the circle on the Soft Top into the notch on the bracket.
Step 5: Once Soft top is hooked into the back brackets secure by screwing two bolts on either side of bracket. (do this on both sides)
Step 6: Put together the outer frame that the Soft Top will attach to.
Step 7: Mount the outer frame that you built to both sides of Wrangler
Step 8: Mount the front door brackets
Step 9: Attach the Soft Top to the outer brackets. Push the lever down and slide the Soft Top into the frame by pulling up
Step 10: Unlock the Soft Top on both sides
Step 11: Push the Soft Top forward (all the way to the front)
Step 12: Lock the Soft Top to the front frame
Step 13: Insert the windows. Slide the window into the grove. Then put the lip of the window out and slide it under the grove on the Wrangler’s frame. Do this for both side windows.
Step 14: Slide the back window into the bar. Then slide the top of the window into the grove at the top of the frame. The bar will be at the bottom of the window.
Step 15: You are now ready to enjoy your Soft Top

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