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May 11th, 2023 by

On this edition of Around Town with Brown’s we head to Merckling Family Chiropractic in Bellport.


Welcome to Around Town with Brown’s today. We’re in a Ram 1500 Limited. This Ram has a beautiful 12-inch screen and it also has heated seats. But do you know what’s better than heated seats? A nice adjustment. So today we are going to Merckling Family Chiropractic in Bellport.

Dr. Joseph Merckling is the owner of Merckling Family Chiropractic and head chiropractor at Merckling Family Chiropractic in Bellport. They are on Station Road in Bellport Village. Dr. Merckling has been in that location now for 16 years and been in private practice for about 20 years. They are a family office and can help anybody from two days old all the way up nighty four. We are very good at taking care of people at every different stage in their life.

Let’s hear Dr. Merckling take at this Ram 1500. The backup camera gives you a really awesome view of the truck that I can see all the way around it. As I’m backing up. Mine doesn’t do that. I might have to think about upgrading. 

Thank you for joining us on Around Town with Browns and we hope to see you next time. 

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