The Pacifica Isn’t Your Mother’s Minivan

January 15th, 2019 by

You are an adult now with kids of your own and you need a vehicle that can help shuttle everyone around. What comes to mind first, a minivan? Your thoughts of a minivan are soul sucking cars that will have you wearing mom pants in no time. But wait, have you seen the new Pacifica with all the technology and the new slick design? This isn’t your mother’s minivan.

Four Reasons Your Mother Wish She Had Your Minivan

1. The Technology for the driver. The technology in this vehicle alone will blow anyone’s mind. So, let’s start with features for the drive. There is an 8.4-inch touchscreen with navigation, apple car play/android auto integration, available Wi-Fi hotspot. On the touch screen you can also view the 360-degree surround view camera. This provides you with a bird’s eye view of the Pacifica, so you can see if anything or one is nearby. One last tech highlight is the Parking Assistance that has sensors to help detect objects in your path. This system can also help you parallel park, so you don’t have to be that person holding up traffic when you try for the tenth time to get into the last spot.

2. The Technology for the passengers. Keeping the kids entertained is the most important task when you are going for a long car ride. And the Pacifica’s duel 10-inch touchscreens are your new best friends. Having two screen allows both of your passengers to be happy with the content they are watching or the games they are playing. Also, the wireless headphones let everyone enjoy the ride whatever they decide to listen to.

3. So Much Space. Say you need to buy a new bunk bed, or chest of drawers. No need to ask your friends for their truck, a minivan has the space you need to transport everything! And the best part is you no longer have to take the entire seat out to gain the storage room. The Stow ‘N Go feature folds the second and third row seats into the floor!

4. Easy Clean up. Let’s face it you are getting a minivan because you have kids and kids make a mess. But now, when there is a snack time explosion in the back seat you can easily vacuumed it up with the Stow ‘N Vac. With your always (okay probably not always) clean back seat you will be the talk of the town.

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