Top 5 Car Prep Needs for the Winter

January 11th, 2019 by

New York Winters can be harsh to everyone and everything. It is important to have you and your car ready for the winter cold, snow, and ice. There are a few things you can do to make sure you are ready for the cold and that you and your family will stay save during the winter months.

1. Glycerin for de-icing. Having your locks and door handles frozen will make any morning frustrating. So have glycerin on hand which you can purchase at discount stores, auto parts stores and hardware stores. Apply it to the frozen area and then you’ll be able to open the door.

2. Create an emergency kit. An emergency kit is always good to have on hand, but more important in the winter. Spare tire (tools to change it out), flares, blankets, spare batteries, engine oil, washer fluid, coolant and a flash light are essentials for your emergency kit. You want to make sure you have items that will help if your car breaks down during the cold. You can purchase premade kits.

3. Treat your windshield. When you are driving wet dirty snow from the road will hit your windshield. The cold heavy grime can build up on your windshield. Make sure to clean it with washing liquid that has anti-freeze properties, so you can see properly.

4. Have the right tires. Today you have a range of tires you can use for safe driving in snow, sleet and ice. Always remember to change all 4 tires as different tires would cause more problems than benefits. You can choose from all season tires for a round the year investment or snow tires specifically for winter.

5. Have the correct engine oil. Switch to a thinner oil in winter with less viscosity. Refer to the manufacturer’s website, manual or information for details regarding this. Ideally, it has been recommended to switch to a 5W-30 if you are using a 10W-30 in summer.

Besides the above make sure your car, especially it’s engine and battery are in smooth running condition. Check frequently for damages and maintain and repair without delay if there are any. With the above steps, you will have a far more comfortable winter in terms of being able to depend on your vehicle!

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